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Newest Picture Uploads
Discus Tank by rayhills
on Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:53 pm

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Announcement: New Nano glo Refugium Light by JBJ
Posted: Marcus Russo @ Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:06 pm
JBJ Macro-Glo Adjustable Refugium Light

•Adjustable Clamp on Fixture (Comparable with C-Breeze)
•Integrated Ballast inside lamp, no ballast to replace
•15 Watt lamp
The energy efficient MACRO-GLO refugium lumination is the actual sensible choice meant for sumps which have to have potent light output in a very space-saving variety. The MACRO-GLO safely and securely clamps to the side of your sump and may easily be situated out of the way meant for routine servicing without the concern with dropping your light fixture within the water.

These types of unique lights equate to five times the actual illumination associated with conventional incandescent lamps while producing much less temperature and also long-term a fantastic 8000 hours. Each and every light fixture features included ballast and fits the normal medium based lamp fixture plug. Lighting fixtures certainly is the only thing that needs to be replaced!

The MACRO-GLO is on the market in 15 & 25 watt variations. They're fitted with a 6400K Daylight to promote macro algae within refugium environments. All versions will include a parabolic reflector to optimize light strength and coverage.

The MACRO-GLO can be adjusted at the head, arm, and base to fit your desired application. Your unique articulation allows limitless configuration settings for virtually any refugium. The clamp includes a spacer as well as allows for three hundred ...

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Announcement: Trinity Ho Light By JBJ
Posted: Marcus Russo @ Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:14 pm
Yes you heard it heare and we have a sneak peek of the new High output Trinity lighting by Jbj. http://www.jbjnanocubes.com/contents/en-us/d851_t5-high-output-aquarium-lights.html

Raising the bar in aquarium ligting the new JBJ lighting TRINITY™ High Output T5 Illumination Systems .
How s this different than some of the other lights in the aquatic marker? Well for instance it includes fer 24 hour light cycles so you can create a true Dusk to Dawn cycle in 1 fixture.

All models include 14K Daylights, 420nm Acticnic, 460nm Actinic, and 1 Watt Nite-Vu LED moonlights housed in a sleek powder coated finish
Included with each Trinity light is bulbs, leds, and the flip stand.

a. Daylights – (2) 10K Lamps
b. Dawn/Dusk – Simulates sunrise and sunsets 420nm Actinic Lamp
a. 420nm Actinic Bulb
b. 460nm Actinic Bulb

c. Nightime viewing of fish and corals – 1 Watt Nite-Vu LEDs cast beautifully shimmering effects
See more about The Trinity light at link above.

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Announcement: History of the Ant Farm.
Posted: Marcus Russo @ Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:45 pm
Just wanted to share the history of the uncle milton ant farm with our forum members. It is a pretty interesting story on how ant farms came around.

My favorite part is how they offered to buy live ants for 1 cent each.


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Announcement: Milwaukee Meters Sale MW500 orp meter Sm500 SALE Ships FREE
Posted: Marcus Russo @ Tue May 04, 2010 3:08 pm
So Milwaukee has official updated All SM meters and water testers to the MW Line.

All of these meters are faster and look much better than the older green versions

You can find the MW500 orp meter on Sale now with Free shipping that replaces the sm500 by Milwaukee http://water-testers.com/contents/en-us/p4321_milwaukee_mw500_orp_meter.html .

Below are some of the newer models of water testing equipment we offer great for Aquariums and hydroponic plant growing.

MW100 Milwaukee MW100 0 to 14 Range pH Meter with 2 point Manual Calibration

MW101 Milwaukee MW101 0 to 14 Range, High Accuracy pH Meter with 2 point Manual Calibration

MW102 Milwaukee MW102 0.00 to 14.00 PH,0 to 70° C uP-Based ATC pH/C Meter With Automatic Calibration and Automatic Temperature Compensation

MW301 Milwaukee MW301 0 - 1990 uS/cm Conductivity Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation & 1 Point Manual Calibration Sale

MW302 Milwaukee MW302 0.0 - 10.0mS/cm Conductivity Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation & 1 Point Manual Calibration Sale

MW401 Milwaukee MW401 0 to1990 mg/L (ppm) TDS Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation & 1 Point Manual Calibration Sale

MW402 Milwaukee MW402 0.0 to10.0 g/L (ppt) TDS Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation & 1 Point Manual Calibration

MW500 Milwaukee MW500 +/-999 mV ORP Meter, +/-5mV Accuracy

MW600 Milwaukee MW600 0.0 - 19.9 ppm O2/l Dissolved Oxygen Meter


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Announcement: 28 Led Nano Sneak Peak
Posted: Marcus Russo @ Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:01 pm
The 28 Nano cube led is one sale now. http://jbjnanocubes.com/contents/en-us/d846_28-led-nano-cube.html

I had to let the cat out of the bag when JBJ showed me the literature and pictures of this product.
Just the week I made special trip to California to see this tank. The guys at jbj left the office and i took some snapshots of this tank as well as a video that i will be uploading soon.

The 28 led aquarium by jbj is the fish lovers paridise. We have been dreaming about this for years as it is eco friendly compared to the metal halide and hqi tanks of the past and can almostbline you. Directly from the spec pages on the 28 led it states the89 watt LED system provides comparable PAR output to our 150 watt HQI – 14K canopy system, while consuming approximately 40% less energy.. Enjoy the mesmerizing shimmering of all 3 light cycles generally only found in nature
These led bulbs will last up to 50000 hours which is about 10X the lifespan of other bulbs and you you can replace one of the leds by itself.

What other tidbits do we have from you from this secret info on the 28 led has 31 lights total.

a. Daylight – 25 x 3 Watt – 14K
b. Dawn/Dusk – 4 x 3 Watt – Actinic/466nm
c. Moon – 2 x 1 Watt – Nite-Vu/456nm
Hmmm this bad boy has an initial release of only 200 in December 2009 and we were lucky to get our hands on 25 of these. Next shipment into that states ofter that is in 3-4 months.

I am sureyou salwater coral folks will love this but is this poss...

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Announcement: 28 gallon Quad cf Nano Cube Aquarium
Posted: Marcus Russo @ Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:01 pm
Not sure of those that are interested but the new 28 gallon nano cube came out.
This has 105 watts of lighting in i power compact light bulb that is a combo bulb. I am not sure if a 65or 67 k bulb is in the works but i am going to ask for a freshwater tank so currently it is best suited for saltwater.

Anyway the 28 quad nano comes with a lot of the same features of the 28 hqi but does have some differences as well. The see through filter refugium part mainly as well as lack of a protein skimmer.

Those who want to review this nano tank or have questions on it or want to compare to the current aquarium see


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